Wynn Las Vegas VS Cosmopolitan Las Vegas | Which one of these luxury resorts comes out on top???

We take you on a versus-journey to find out which Las Vegas luxury resort wins the battle for BEST!! We discuss 5 categories – Room, Service, Food and Drink, Location and Decor/Vibe. In the end, we decide which resort is the BEST for US, but we may help you decide which Las Vegas resort you’re staying at next out of the two!!

We have reviewed both resorts and you may find our video series helpful for both locations – you can check them out here:

Wynn Las Vegas

We Livin For Comfort (Room Review):

We Livin For Food (Restaurant Review):

We Livin For Cocktails (Bar Review and Lake of Dreams):

We Livin For Wynn Las Vegas (Retrospective Review)

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

We Livin For Comfort (Room Review) –

We Livin For Food (Restaurant Review) –

We Livin For Nightlife (Bar Review) –

We Livin For Cosmopolitan Las Vegas (Retrospective Review)

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By : admin | Date: July 18, 2021